Customs Brokerage

Today’s world of customs is complex and constantly changing. To help you navigate it, PGL partners with MYK Global Services, one of the most reputable brokerage firms in the industry, tooffer a one-stop solution for all your freight and customs needs around the world.


Here are some highlights of MYK’s services:

  • Remote filing capability enables us to file customs entries at any U.S. port.
  • On-site licensed broker.
  • Individual compliance training and assistance with classification and valuation processes are also available.
  • Customs bonds provided either for first-time importers as single entry case or for regular importers as continuous bond.
  • Customs duties paid under either customer’s or MYK’s Automated Clearing House.

Ask about U.S. Customs' Periodic Monthly Payment Program, which allows you extended duty payment terms of 45 business days to dramatically increase your cash reserves. Contact us for more information.

MYK Global Services and C-TPAT

MYK is an active and validated C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) member since 2006. We encourage all our customers to participate in C-TPAT and extend our consulting services to vendors and shippers to fulfill cargo security and become certified members. Member benefits include:

  • Fewer shipment inspections by Customs
  • Reduced border crossing times
  • Faster entry processing by Customs
  • More secure supply chain and a safer work environment
  • Access to the US Customs database of approved C-TPAT vendors and partners
  • A designated U.S. Customs account manager.

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