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KGS Kilogram (2.2046 pounds).
Knots Per Hour Units of measure for ship's speed: Nautical Miles per Hour. One nautical mile is 1852 meters.
Kilo ton (1,000 kilograms).
L/B Land Bridge.
L/C Letter of Credit.
Lash Down A method of securing cargo inside the hold or on deck of a vessel. Usually done with cables.
LBS Pounds.
LCL Less than Container Load.
Letter of Credit The Letter of Credit is a financial Instrument issued by an importer's bank (opening bank, on behalf of the importer). The opening bank substitutes its own credit for that of the importer, and undertakes a commitment to designated beneficiary (the exporter) to pay a stated amount within a stated time frame, provided that the exporter complies with all the terms and conditions of the Letter of Credit.
Limits of Liability The extent to which carrier is liable for loss or damage to a particular shipment.
Loss and Damage Claim This document is used to claim insurance compensation for goods lost or damaged during exportation. The items lost or damaged must be fully described. Supporting documentation would include copies of the Commercial Invoice, Bill of Lading, and Insurance Certificate.
LRD Last Receiving Date.
LT Long Ton (2,249 Pounds).
LTL Less than Trailer Load.