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S/ Shipper.
Schedule B Number A number from a published governmental list that classifies commodities being exported from the United States. Needed for completion of international shipping documentation.
Shipper's Declaration for Dangerous Goods Under the regulations of the Department of Transportation, the International Air Transport Association (IATA), and the International Maritime Organization (IMO), shippers and exporters are required to declare dangerous cargos to the air and ocean carriers they use for shipment. Both the IMO and IATA require specific documents to report hazardous goods, and these requirements are published in their respective Codes. IATA also provides a document specifically for non-restricted articles.
Shipper's Export Declaration (SED)

Old term used to represent the paper form (Customs Form 7525-v) used to collect and report shipment information. Customs has declared this document can no longer be used for export clearance purposes.  Phoenix requests our shippers please use the SLI (Shippers Letter of Instructions) is to convey the necessary information

Shipper's Interest Insurance Insurance, arranged for by carrier if specified on the Airbill, which covers shipments against risk of physical loss or damage from any external causes.
Shipper's Letter of Instruction These instructions, often prepared along with a Shipper's Export Declaration, are the exporter's direction to the freight forwarder on how to handle the exporter's shipment. The information prepared on the SLI includes a description of the goods and containers, the ultimate consignee, shipping method desired, insurance requirements, and special instructions pertaining to the shipment.
Ship's Gear Any equipment ( such as cranes, hatches, winches, cables) belonging to or part of the vessel.
Sight, Time Drafts Issued by: Exporter (or freight forwarder on exporter's behalf) Purpose: Request for payment from foreign buyer. Instructs buyer's bank to collect payment; when collected it releases shipping documents to buyer. Buyer's bank then remits to seller's bank. Sight drafts are payable on receipt at buyer's bank. Time drafts extend credit; foreign bank releases documents immediately, but collects payment later, for example, 30 days after receipt of draft.
Single Access Document Also referred to as "SAD" the Single Access Document required for movement of goods through the countries of the European Economic Community. Generally prepared by Customs Brokers in Europe for imports entering the EC.
Skidded Crate A crate with skids underneath for easy lifting with fork lifts.
SL&C Shipper Load and Count.
ST Short Ton (2,000 pounds).
STC Said to Contain.
Steamship conference A voluntary collective ratemaking body representing member steamship lines.
Steamship line A company that owns and/or operates vessels in maritime trade.