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O/B Onboard Vessel.
O/F Ocean Freight (charges).
OBL Ocean Bill of Lading.
Ocean Bill of Lading Issued by: Steamship line Purpose: Each carrier has its own bill of lading form. Serves as contract of carriage between carrier and shipper, spelling out legal responsibilities and liability limits for all parties to the shipment. The B/L also can be used to transfer title to the goods to a party named in the document. Specifics shipment details, such as number of pieces, weight, destination, etc. Usually three signed originals issued. Licensed consolidators (NVOCCs) issue their own B/Ls to shippers.
On-Deck Cargo Cargo usually stowed on the deck of a vessel. This cargo is usually subjected to wind and sea water.
On-Board Courier A dedicated messenger who physically accompanies an international shipment.
On-Forwarding Forwarding a shipment from an intermediate stop to its final destination; subject to additional charge.
Open Tops A 20' or 40' container with the top being open. Used for oversized cargo, and it's covered by a tarp for protection of the cargo.
Oversized Pieces Shipments of 85 inches or greater that are too large to fit on a pallet.