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Packing List This important document describes all items in the box, crate, pallet, or container, plus the type, dimensions, and weight of the container. It is used to determine total shipping weight and volume (cubes) by Customs officials to check cargo, and by the buyer to inventory merchandise received. Prices and item values are usually omitted from the Packing List. Shipping marks, reference numbers and carton numbers are also important additions to the packing list.
Palletized Cargo Cargo that is placed on portable platforms for easier loading/unloading or transportation. Platforms are called pallets.
Perishable Products that require expedited transport or special attention to prevent spoilage or decay such as fruits, vegetables, frozen fish or certain chemical products.
Phytosanitary Inspection Certificates Also referred to as "plant health" certificates, these are required by many foreign countries for shipments of plants and plant products. They serve to certify conformity to local plant quarantine import regulation with respect to pest and disease infection.
Pick Up Service Retrieving goods from a shipper to be brought to their destination for a fee.
POD Port of Discharge, also Proof of Delivery.
Point of Origin The location where a shipment first starts out.
POL Port of Landing
Port of Entry The Port, airport, or other location whereby a shipment enters a country.
Postal Code A four to nine digit number identifying postal delivery zones in Canadian and international cities.
Power of Attorney Exporters and Importers authorize Freight Fowarders and Customs Brokers to act as their agents, for export control and Customs purposes, with this document. Completed Power of Attorney documents, however, do not relieve importers or exporters from liability to the U.S. Government in the event of export control or entry errors.
PPD Prepaid Charges.
Prepaid freight Freight paid by the shipper to the carrier when merchandise is tendered for shipment. Not refundable if the merchandise does not arrive at the intended destination.
Preprinted Airbill Airbills preprinted with shipping company name, address and account number. Preprinted airbills help speed completion of shipping documentation and assure accurate billing.
Pro forma Invoice The Pro Forma is used primarily to document to the buyer, in advance, the cost and terms of sale of a proposed export. It is used by the foreign buyer as a quotation from the exporter and also to assist in applying for a Letter of Credit from his bank. The Pro Forma Invoice serves as the basis for the subsequent Commercial Invoice.
PTP Port to Port.
Receipt For Shipment B/L When the steamship line gives the shipper a B/L indicating that cargo has been received at the pier, but not necessarily loaded on the vessel.
Reefer This container usually has a self-sustaining unity to keep cargo cool/cold at certain temperatures.
Restricted Articles An airline term meaning a hazardous material as defined by Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations (U.S.) and Air Transport Restricted Articles Circular 6-D. Restricted articles may be transported domestically and may be classified as dangerous goods when transported internationally by air.
Ro/Ro Roll-on/Roll-off. A type of vessel that transports wheeled vehicles. Also used to refer to the cargo itself.