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N/ Notify Party.
NCV (No Commercial Value) Shipments declared as having no commercial value but having a value for Customs. Best example would be business documents.
Non-Conference Rate Rates which are assessed by those lines that do not belong to a particular conference. Rates can be approximately 10% lower than conference rates.
Non-Dutiable Those goods which are exempt from duty as per each nation's Customs regulation.
NOS/NES Not otherwise specified/Not elsewhere specified. This term often appears in ocean or airfreight tariffs respectively. If no rate for the specific commodity shipped appears in the tariff, then a general class rate (for example, "printed matter NES") will apply. Such rates usually are higher than rates for specific commodities.
NVOCC Non-vessel operating common carrier. A firm that offers the same services as an ocean carrier, but which does not own or operate a vessel. NVOCCs usually act as consolidators, accepting small shipments (LCL) and consolidating them into full containerloads. They then act as a shipper, tendering the containers to ocean common carriers. They are required to file tariffs with the Federal Maritime commission and are subject to the same laws and statutes that apply to primary common carriers.