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ULD Unit load device. Refers to airfreight containers and pallets.
Unit Cost The cost associated with one unit of an item.
USAID Label Labels and aluminum placards bearing the new (1991) logo of the Agency for International development. All merchandise exported under an A.I.D. program or contract must be labeled with the USAID emblem.
USPPI (United States Principal Party of Interest) The person/company that receives the primary monetary benefit from the international sale.
Validated Export License Issued by: U.S. Department of Commerce. Purpose: Required for commodities deemed important to national security, foreign-policy objectives, or protecting domestic supplies or strategic materials. Constitutes permission to export a specific product to a specific party. Exporter applies for license, which must be returned to Bureau of Export Administration after completing specified shipments.
W/M Weight or Measure: whichever is greater.
Weight Certificate The Weight Certificate, usually a certified copy of the Packing List, is occasionally required by the foreign buyer for control purposes. This type of certification may be made with an export inspection company.
WT Weight or Weight Ton.
Zip Code A five (or nine) digit number that identifies every Post Office and delivery station within the United States. ZIP coded shipments will be delivered quicker than uncoded shipments.